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Nick Ondu – Sartorial is a Kenyan designer who his fashion career in 2010. He has quickly developed an impressive reputation in the men’s wear fashion sub industry in Kenya. He enlivens men’s suiting by pairing elegant Italian and English tailoring with modern silhouettes.

Nick’s works are produced in Kenya. He creates collections that allows his clients to embrace the lifestyle brand for all occasions – daytime, dinner, events – with fashion-forward suiting in signature designs. He searches widely each season to find innovative materials to experiment with and provide designs for the modern, successful man who loves to make a statement.

His success is tied to the fact that he spends countless hours producing perfect fits for his clients resulting in impeccable qualty and design.

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Virgil Abloh, the founder of the Milan-based fashion label Off-White is an American creative designer and DJ. He was born in 1980 to his Ghanaian parents and is from the ewe tribe from the Volta Region of Ghana. He was raised in Rockford, Illinois. He studied Civil Engineering at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and graduated in 2002. He also bagged a Masters of Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

After working for an architecture firm for two years, Abloh shifted his focus to fashion. In 2009, he founded RSVP Gallery, an art gallery and menswear boutique in Chicago. That same year, he joined Kanye West’s creative agency Donda as creative director, overseeing projects like stage shows and concert merchandise.

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In 2012, Abloh launched his first fashion brand, Pyrex Vision, which screen-printed logos onto Champion t-shirts and dead stock Ralph Lauren rugby shirts. Alongside this, he collaborated with Matthew Williams and Heron Preston as part of a collective called Been Trill.

kris Jenner, kanye West, Virgil Abloh at the Paris Fashion week

In 2013, Abloh launched luxury men’s and women’s streetwear label Off-White in Milan, Italy. The brand was picked up by stockists like Barneys and Colette, and is worn by the likes of Jay-Z, ASAP Rocky, Rihanna and Beyoncé. In 2015, Off-White was an LVMH Prize finalist. Abloh is certainly making waves in the world of fashion with his luxury streetwear label, Off-White. Abloh runs his fashion brand alongside consulting. He DJs under the alias Flat-White.



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EKTA is colour with boldness, a story about strength, femininity as well as positivity. The Collection looks at the current events of the times where migration and cultural diversity brings about the strong desired need for greater strength, spiritualism and unity, the need to reflect and recreate.

The story is a warrior that strength lies in her own spirit and confidence in herself. She is brave and strong. Looking towards the past where early migrations of people took place creating new cultural diffusions, the collection merges and diffuses different elements bringing fluidity in its theme with new shapes, mixed seasons and merged cultures. Yet, it is structural in bold lines, pleating and silhouettes.

Femininity, softness as well as boldness and strength are combined through soft hues of tea rose pinks, multi-colour embroidery against solid blues and black with clean lines. New forms and shapes are re-created with a new story.

Taking the designer’s heritage, Indian embroidery is added to playful scribbles. Eastern influences of draped style pants and layered looks against structural dresses bring the mix of opposites telling a story where women can be soft, feminine, bold and strong.

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EKTA is a clothing label celebrating life, playfulness and sophistication in one. EKTA meaning Unity in Sanskrit is what the label represents, a way of bringing oneness and a new story by fusing together the love of old crafts and techniques with modern living.

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Amaka Osakwe (born 1987) is a Nigerian fashion designer and creator of the African based fashion label named Maki Oh. She leads her womanswear label since 2010 from Lagos, one of the few Nigerian-based brands that are globally acknowledged.

Osakwe studied at the Arts University of Bournemouth where she received a BA in fashion studies. In autumn/winter 2010 she launched her label. Inspired by rural Ghana’s Dipo rites-of-passage ceremony, during which girls taking part are partially naked and ornately adorned, Osakwe has played with cloaking and ornamentation using traditional African fabrics. Her label was discovered by the U.S. fashion scene in 2012 when she presented her designs at the New York Fashion Week. She relates the legacy of their country with one, if they dyed their brands by hand with indigo leaves and painted the pattern with a paste made from cassava. Adire is the traditional method.

International stars such as singers Beyoncé, Rihanna and Hollywood actress Kerry Washington have discovered the Nigerian designer outfits for themselves. U.S. First Lady, Michelle Obama, a well-known style icon, wore during summer 2013 trip to South Africa a blouse of Nigerian designer Maki Oh. Her designs also have been worn by the likes of Solange Knowles and Leelee Sobieski and by Nigerian TV presenter Eku Edewor.

One signature of her brand is that it’s dyed by hand using the traditional textile arte process Adire. Another is her way of combining Western silhouettes and native materials and motifs—to wit, a lace-blouse-and-pencil-skirt set appliquéd with unsettling raffia eyeballs. She was named Designer of the Year by African fashion magazine ARISE.

Designs for Fall 2016

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Mahlet Afework, Another Fashion Designer to Look Out For in Africa

Mahlet Afework, also known as Mafi is a fashion designer based in Addis Ababa. She started her career at 16 as a model and musician, while simultaneously studying nursing. She left school and quit modeling to follow her passion and become a professional fashion designer. She has since gained critical acclaim for her cutting-edge designs; winning the 2012 Origin Africa’s design award, showcasing her work at African Fashion Week New York 2012, and winning the 2010 Designer of the Year award from Alliance Ethio-Française at European Fashion Day in Addis.

Mafi works exclusively with hand-woven fabrics made by women. She creates clothing and accessories which are fresh and cutting-edge and at the same time very wearable. Working with hand-woven fabrics is a way for Mafi to give back and to support women weavers who are often marginalized within the male-dominated weaving community.
The connection between hand-woven fabrics and Ethiopian culture and history is something Mafi explores in her work. Culture and tradition can sometimes become as essential and as invisible as air. Pushing herself creatively Mafi produces contemporary pieces with ancient fabrics, giving visibility to the diversity and depth of Ethiopian culture and tradition.

The Mafi clothing line embraces modern approaches to fashion design while incorporating traditional patterns.

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