Africa draws just five percent of the world’s tourists despite boasting attractions ranging from the Pyramids and Victoria Falls to wildlife safaris and endless strips of pristine beach. But the continent’s huge potential can be unlocked by eco-tourism, cultural experiences, domestic travel and political stability.

Africa is now booming its tourism from sustainable point of view. Tanzania and Rwanda are trying to attract its tourists from this point of view. Eco-friendly safaris and carbon-neutral lodging draw increasing numbers of tourists from Europe and North America. The number of tourists visiting Tanzania has more than doubled since 2006 to above one million contributing 14% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and that is according to Tanzania Invest.


Other success stories include: South Africa which is currently promoting the diversification of their products beyond the safari. South Africa has witnessed a boom of experience-based tours, taking travellers to disadvantaged township and rural communities as well as wine farms and game lodges. Some concepts showcase food and lifestyles in South Africa’s black communities to visitors

Tourism is a major employer of poor black South Africans and accounts for nearly 700,000 jobs — a rare success story in a country with an unemployment rate of almost 27%.

Community-based travel projects like Mbalo’s for creating opportunities for women and young people.


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