Gloria Mba is a very popular face on most television sets in Nigeria and she happens to be one of Nigeria’s fantastic actresses. St. Hilary’s Magazine had an interview with her. Jereaghogho Efeturi Ukusare brings you all the details of the interview. 

SHM: How did you get into acting?
Mba: I got into the movie industry through an aunt of mine who saw the potential in me and told my parents to allow me. Although, my dad was against it for a while but later allowed me seeing that it was something I really wanted to do. I had already spent two years in the industry already.

SHM: Can you tell me about your debut production as an actress?

Mba: My first job was with Lancelot Imasuen. I came in as a novice and had so many things in my head on how to become a very good actress. It was after that I told myself that I am now in the industry.

SHM: You seem to be more in soaps, is it that you prefer TV to film.

Mba: (Laughs) why do you press guys feel that way? Anyways, I don’t prefer soaps to movies. As at the time I started series, I had acted in a lot of films and these films were between 2003 and 2005. Series is something you always see on your local TV stations unlike movies. So, the answer is no, I don’t prefer them. I am more into movies than series.

SHM: Your role Model

Mba: My parents and my senior friends are my role models and this is because they have over time shown me what it really takes to be in this industry and to persevere. However, in my line of work I see a lot of senior colleagues as role models who are digging deep in the industry.

SHM: What soaps have you acted in?

Mba: (Smiles) they are so many. From where do you want me to start counting? Okay, Superstory (Secret), Tales of Eve, US, Behind The Siege, Radiance, This thing Called Marriage 2, Family Puzzle, Hills and Valley, Footprints… and these are the ones I can remember right now.

SHM: Tell us about the ones you actually love

Mba: I can’t say because all the roles I have played are beautiful characters so I can’t say which one I love more than the other. Don’t forget I don’t play me, I play the characters in the scripts and all of them are good.

SHM: Your debut movie. Can you tell us about it vis a vis your role in it?

Mba: Nothing much to tell because the character I played wasn’t a major character. It was just an applicant for the post of an office assistant that must be slept with before she gets the job. That was it.

SHM: How many movies have you been involved in?

Mba: Hmm! I have done many movies. I have done over 40 movies, can’t start counting.

SHM: What challenges have you had in your career?

Mba: (Takes a deep breathe) Many! I have had many and in different ways. Not having jobs regularly, the pay not being competitive and so on. But over time I came to understand the job. When it comes, sometimes you have about five to six jobs at once. Then, you stay for may be another two months. But in all, it has been good. This has made me to read more and learn more about the industry I am.

SHM: In your journey as an actress, what point will you consider the best and what point will you consider the worst?

Mba: The best is when you’re working and it’s yielding results and the low parts is when you’re working and piracy is frustrating your efforts. But in all, the high points always supersede the low points.

SHM: What has kept you going?

Mba: God has kept me going. The love for what I do, family, friends and my fans (blows a kiss).

SHM: You are involved in a number of series currently running on TV. Kindly tell us about the character you play in them.

Mba: Okay, there’s Liberty Villa on STV where I play Patige. Patige is a working class mom that her husband supports. She is going through gender related issues at her place of work but she does not succumb. There’s FESTAC Town on Iroko TV. Where I play the role of the wife of Kunle Coker. She supports her wayward son and this is not going down well with her husband and there’s also Superstory which airs on AIT. I play the role of Efe, a young lady married to a man that won’t say no to and runs after anything in skirt. She’s not ready to give him a breathing space even after having kids and many years in marriage until someone dies in his care and she holds the secret over his head until the end.

SHM: What is your advice for upcoming actors and actresses?

Mba: Hmm! Be ready for disappointment, harassment and the joy that comes with it. If you are ready for the job and you love it, you won’t want to quit because a time will come you will want to quit. Above all, put God first, persevere, work on yourself and be confident. As an actor or actress, you need these to be successful and then, the sky will be your starting point.

SHM: You have lots of fans out there, some look up to you, some just love to see you do your thing. What do you have to say to them?

Mba: I love you all. God bless you all for me because without you, who would I be? In all, I want to say thank you to God Almighty, and the real MVP (family, friends and fans) supporting me as Gloria Mba. (Blows Kisses)









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