St. Hilary’s Magazine recently caught up with ace movie producer Grace Edwin Okon and had a chat with her. Below are the details of the chat between her and St Hilary’s Jereaghogho Efeturi Ukusare. 

SHM: When did you start your journey in the movies industry? 

Edwin Okon: I started in 1998.

SHM: Can you tell me about your debut production as an actress? 

Edwin Okon: It was in a movie titled Tears in Heaven. I played the role of Kome. It was directed and produced by Zeb Ejiro

SHM: What inspired you to seek a career in the movies industry?

Edwin Okon: It wasn’t exactly planned, I was with a friend who went for a casting call for Tears in Heaven…And Uncle asked me to help read some lines to help my friend Tina do her audition..he liked the way I read and gave me the role..after that I didn’t look bad, I have been in the industry since then.

SHM: Who was your role model and what do you like about him?

Edwin Okon: My dad is my role model. What I like about him is the fact that he is a goal getter.

SHM: What movies have you acted in? 

Edwin Okon:  Tears in Heaven, Heavy Beauty, My dream, Prodigal brother, Karma is a Bae and Doctor’s Quaters (series) Candle light (Series)

SHM: Could you give a synopsis of the one you liked best?

Edwin Okon: Tears in Heaven because it was my first and it had a lovely story line about 4 orphans who fought their way to success in their singing career.

SHM: At what point did you decide to go into producing your own Movies and why?

Edwin Okon: In 2004, when I was getting inspiration to tell my own stories. I didn’t shoot my film though until 2012 but I was working on other types of TV content between 2004 and 2012.

How many movies have you produced thus far?

Edwin Okon: I have produced 21 movies.

SHM: Tell us about them

Edwin Okon: My films are mostly films that have social messages and impact society positively.

SHM: Which was most challenging?

Edwin Okon: It was Heavy Beauty as it was my first movie.

SHM: In your career so far, what has been the highest point and lowest point?

Edwin Okon: Highest point has been each time a film I work on receives an award as well as when I won producer of the year. No lowest point so far I just have challenges which i do my best to overcome.

SHM: Any regrets?

Edwin Okon: None so far.

SHM: Heavy Beauty! What was the inspiration? I mean details like never before.

Edwin Okon: I had a dream on the story and started working on it soon as I woke up. The dream was like I was watching a movie. So, I knew I just had to make the film.

SHM: What is your advice for upcoming actors and actresses?

Edwin Okon: Don’t be too desperate; rather, be determined and focus on your dream and someday, it will come to pass.

SHM: And, your advice for aspiring movie producers?

Edwin Okon: Never give up on your dreams. Keep trying until you succeed.

SMH: What are we to expect from you in the near future?

Edwin Okon: (smiling) May be a TV station.

SHM: Okay! Thank you very much, we would watch out for that. 

Edwin Okon: Thank you!








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