​AFSSCo96 will be holding its first ever business summit. SHM caught up with the President of the association Mr. Rotimi Bankole and had a brief chat with him.

SHM: The AFSSCo96 is a gathering of classmates and you recently had your reunion party last December. That is understandable, but a Business Summit?

Bankole: We are more than a group of nostalgic pilgrims who are lost in the world of business, family and the vicissitudes of life. AFSSCo96 is a group of unique people. A special breed of enigmatic personalities who are change makers in their respective calls of life. This is the more reason we are using this opportunity to create a convergence of likeminds, a group of people who are more than former school mates but changemakers and inspiring leaders.

SHM: Sir, what are the expected outcomes of this Business Summit?

Bankole: A business summit sells itself and it is different from a reunion. It is an opportunity for former classmates to meet and see areas where they can connect to do business. Many of us have become professionals and giants in various industries across the globe. Please use this opportunity to network, support each other and make a difference within the community.

The AFSSCo96 Business Summit is scheduled to hold on the 2nd of April, 2018. 


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