The best water in Africa currently -no brags- is LASENA ARTESIAN NATURAL MINERAL WATER and it comes from a flowing renewable artesian thermal aquifer within the earth’s crust from a depth of 522 metres. It is bottled at source. The water which has a natural PH of between 7.78 to 8.5 and with a temperature of 70°c is forced up by natural hydrostatic pressure through a sealed delivery system free of human contact. This process makes it DIRECT FROM NATURE TO YOU.

One major benefit of this water is the fact that it has a high level of alkaline. It is a scientifically proven fact that diseases cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Hence, constant and continuous intake of LASENA ARTESIAN NATURAL MINERAL WATER gives you protection from illness and disease.
Product Sizes:

The bottled water comes in pack sizes of 35cl, 50cl, 75cl, 100cl (1 litre) and jar of 19 litres (Dispenser Bottle).

You can request for customised pet bottle of Lasena Artesian Natural Alkaline Mineral Water for functions and other purposes.

Contact: Jereaghogho Enterprises

Eunice Jere’-Ukusare – 0803 568 4042


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