Regina Idu Udalor is a Nigerian film maker based in Norway. She premiered her first movie The Lost Café late last year. St. Hilary’s Magazine had a chat with her and here is what she had to say.

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SHM: You recently – November precisely – premiered your movie The Lost Café in Nigeria. How was the entire experience?

Udalor: The premier was really nice. It was an excellent turn out and really good feedback. Very grateful to our audience.

SHM: What was the inspiration for the movie?

Udalor: I got the inspiration when I travelled out of Nigeria, where integrating into a new culture and society was not easy. Also what people think about young Nigerian girls who are of course immigrants out there. My friends’ experiences had a role to play in the story as well.

SHM: How were you able to pull it together?

Udalor: Wow, to be candid I don’t know how we pulled it through, for the cast we did an audition in Norway, while in Nigeria we actually did table casting. We casted based on whom we felt will fit the character. Norway cast was a pleasant surprise and I am glad I got to work with the actors we got . I am very happy with the delivery of all the cast. For the crew, we had both Nigeria and Norway crew separately. They all put in their best and I am glad to have worked with every one.

SHM: What were the challenges during the production and post production? 

Udalor: The challenges, mhhh Nigeria was really OK, shooting the wedding was a bit challenging cause we shot an actual wedding, so we needed to work with the audience’ time not ours. Norway on the other hand was tricky, we had a micro crew and it wasn’t easy, most of us had to double our roles. So I must say that when we saw the film we were shocked at what we managed to pull off. Funding of course is part of the challenges, this was a low budget shoot and the lucky part was all the great support we got from Norway that made the film possible.

SHM: What kept you going? 

Udalor: What kept me going was the fact that I wanted to tell this story, I felt the story needed to be told and it might help someone out there who didn’t have the courage to live their dream.

SHM: What would you have done differently? 

Udalor: Truthfully nothing, I am happy that I had those challenges they made me to learn a lot as a first time female producer, if things were so easy the value of the experience wouldn’t be much appreciated I guess. So for me, I wouldn’t change anything.

SHM: You have Kenneth Gyang as Director. Why Gyang? 

Udalor: I chose to work with Kenneth because not only is he a good director, but he was the one who I felt I can trust to interpret the story brilliantly and delicately for the big screen and that he did.

SHM: What next should your audience expect from you?

Udalor: That is a difficult question. Hahaha! Well I plan to continue making films that matter. So watch out for my space. Female producers need support from our audience and that is by them encouraging us by watching our films. I am new and hope I will get better and better.

SHM: Thanks for your time.

Udalor: Thank you!

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