For those who want to know, Zimbabwe was ruled by a trio of Mugabe, Mnangagwa and the Army Chief, Constantino Chiwenga, all of whom were comrades who fought the colonialist earlier on in the history of Zimbabwe. Having been running the country in line with their wishes, the trio indeed had no incline that one day two of the trio would stand against one and not even in their wildest dreams did they ever think that if at all that would happen, two would be against the president. Then came Grace Mugabe to upset the union and with a plan to sit as Madam President and completely sideline the key pre- independence fighters. Little did she know the kind of war she was going into and little did she know about the strength of her opposition.

Swearing in 1

Her meteoric rise to power and fame inevitably brought her shame as she made moves to unseat one of the “Three Wise Men”. Armed with the backing of one of the trio – Robert Mugabe, she immersed herself into a political power tussle with another one of the trio. The political power tussle between Emmerson Mnangagwa and Grace Mugabe came to a crescendo with the removal of Mnangagwa from the office of Vice President by Robert Mugabe, a move publicly known to have been influenced by Grace Mugabe who had successfully corrupted the mind of Mr. President and set him against his comrade. With the coast seemingly clear for the first lady of Zimbabwe to become the president of the country, all was not well with the camp of the opposition.

Swearing In 2

The third man among the three men who ruled the country saw this as an embarrassment to his beloved country and the wisdom of “The Three Wise Men”. The army chief, Constantino Chiwenga immediately seized power from the President with the military and called back his fellow “wise man” who returned back to the country after fleeing to South Africa on his removal as Vice president to assume the office of Mr. President.

On the 24th of November, 2017, Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa was sworn in as the Third President of Zimbabwe by the Chief Justice of the country with funfair and full military honor.  This ended the thirty-seven-year-rule of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. He had earlier served as Zimbabwe’s head of Intelligence, Minister of Justice and Vice President.

Swearing in 3

In his swearing in speech, Mnangagwa promised to improve the economy and to reduce corruption to the barest minimum. It is hoped that with his coming the economy will improve. Currently, the country’s currency is worthless as thousands of the Zimbabwean Dollar goes for a little item as bread. All these are expected to change with the coming of a man who was once in charge of the nation’s economy.

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