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Choosing the eyeglass that suits your personality and lifestyle is not easy, especially when you are confronted with a vast selection from which to choose. Trust me you certainly would not get your feet in time in making your choice. Glasses are a focal point, being one of the first things noticed about you. People generally recognize you by your face, the eyeglasses you choose to wear make a very real part of your identity, so it is important to choose eyeglasses that flatter you and are consistent with the image you want to portray.

Sports Man

Whether you want to appear sophisticated, fun-loving, youthful, conservative, style conscious or even if you wear prescription glasses, the right eyewear can help you shape how you are perceived. And if you choose to wear only a pair of glasses for everything you do, that says something about you also. If you wear prescription glasses every day, you should consider investing in more than one pair. The reason being, just as dress shoes are wrong for the gym, your everyday glasses may be the wrong choice for sports and active wear.

Busy Eyes

A number of factors should be put into consideration while choosing the eyeglass to wear. Two or more of these should be taken into account:


These glasses may require a minimum or maximum frame depth or thickness, placing limitations on frames that would ordinarily be suitable. You should check with your optician before you start your selection process.

Face Shape

It is said that the ideal face shape is oval – but which isn’t ideal? Anyway, eyeglasses should balance your face shape. If you have a pear like or triangular shape of face, choose a frame that is as wide as your jaw line.

Creative Person

Facial Features

When you choose an eyeglass that repeats an element within your face, you emphasise that feature and make it more prominent. The idea here is to reflect the features we wish to accentuate and not repeat feature we intend to minimize.

What is required here is to know your dominant facial characteristics and their attributes. Consider your features – side of face, jaw line, hair line, eyes, eyebrows, nose (sides and tip) and mouth while resting or smiling. Consider whether your face is made up of more curves than angles or vice versa? Are your features evenly placed in your face? Are your features large or small.


Work out the facial feature or features you want to reinforce and repeat it in the same scale and proportions in your glasses. For instance, if you want to emphasise a square jaw and angles in your face, choose a frame with square corners.  To emphasise a rounded jaw line, almond eyes, and a similarly shaped mouth, choose a frame with a similar shape.

A Few Keys to work with

  1. To minimize a large nose, choose a wider low set bridge
  2. To make a square or round face appear longer, make sure the frames are as wide as the face and choose frames that are narrower than they are wide.
  3. To make an oblong or rectangular face appear shorter, choose frame that have depth and wide arms
  4. To make close set eyes appear further apart, choose eyeglasses that the bridge isn’t emphasized; that is eyeglasses that have thin bridge or a light colour

Mum & Dad

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