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EKTA is colour with boldness, a story about strength, femininity as well as positivity. The Collection looks at the current events of the times where migration and cultural diversity brings about the strong desired need for greater strength, spiritualism and unity, the need to reflect and recreate.

The story is a warrior that strength lies in her own spirit and confidence in herself. She is brave and strong. Looking towards the past where early migrations of people took place creating new cultural diffusions, the collection merges and diffuses different elements bringing fluidity in its theme with new shapes, mixed seasons and merged cultures. Yet, it is structural in bold lines, pleating and silhouettes.

Femininity, softness as well as boldness and strength are combined through soft hues of tea rose pinks, multi-colour embroidery against solid blues and black with clean lines. New forms and shapes are re-created with a new story.

Taking the designer’s heritage, Indian embroidery is added to playful scribbles. Eastern influences of draped style pants and layered looks against structural dresses bring the mix of opposites telling a story where women can be soft, feminine, bold and strong.

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EKTA is a clothing label celebrating life, playfulness and sophistication in one. EKTA meaning Unity in Sanskrit is what the label represents, a way of bringing oneness and a new story by fusing together the love of old crafts and techniques with modern living.

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