Delphine Diallo is a Brooklyn-based French and Senegalese contemporary artist. She graduated from the Académie Charpentier School of Visual Art in Paris. She worked in the music industry for seven years. In 2008, she moved to New York to explore her own practice after giving up a corporate Art Director role in Paris.

Delphine Diallo was mentored by acclaimed photographer and artist, Peter Beard who was impressed by her creativity and spontaneity before offering her to collaborate for the Pirelli calendar photo shoot in Botswana. Inspired by new environments on this trip, she made a return to her father’s home city of Saint-Louis in Senegal. The result of these new experiences she had made her to form her studio ‘Magic’ (a tribute to Malian photographer Malick Sidibé) where she photographed members of her family and praised the simple life.

Delphine 1

Diallo is inspired by the courage and modesty of her motherland, Senegal. Her mentor and photographic Master, Peter Beard, Shaolin Monk Master and Teacher, Shifu Yan Ming, Progressive resistance in Native American tribes and Brooklyn’s diversity.

She sought to challenge the norms of our society. Diallo immerses herself in the realm of anthropology, mythology, religion, science and martial arts to release her mind. Her work takes her to far remote areas, as she insists on spending intimate time with her subjects to better able represent their most innate energy “I treat my process as if it were an adventure liberating a new protagonist” — Diallo’s powerful portraitures unmask and stir an uninhibited insight that allows her audience to see beyond the facade. “We are in constant search for wonder and growth. I see art as a vessel to express consciousness and an access to diffuse wisdom, enlightenment, fear, beauty, ugliness, mystery, faith, strength, fearlessness, universal matter”. Where ever she can, Diallo combines artistry with activism, pushing the many possibilities of empowering women, youth, and cultural minorities through visual provocation.

Delphine 3
Diallo uses analog and digital photography, collage and illustration, 3D printing and virtual reality technologies as she continues to explore new mediums. Her works have been displayed in Unseen photo Festival in Amsterdam, no Commission curated by Swizz Beats in New York and Suba Biennale, Dak’Art in Senegal. Diallo is working towards creating new dimensions and a place where consciousness and art are a universal language by connecting artists, sharing ideas and learning.


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