The movie SANTA ALABAMA is at the last stages of post production and will be set to hit the cinemas soon. SANTA ALABAMA was written by Big Tony, co – produced by Big Tony and Peter Fada. It was directed by Peter Fada. The comic thriller stars Segun Arinze, Rachel Oniga, Big Tony, Paul Adams, Tony Akposheri, Comedian Gandoki, Eboh Bomb, Victory Emuejekarowho, Ijeoma David and Ruth Jacobs. Below is the synopsis of the movie.

Uzezi is murdered in cold blood. His mother and fiancée are thrown into inconsolable mourning and sorrow. Uzezi’s next door neighbour, Barrister Akpogake is determined to assist the police track down the killer. At the office Barrister Akpogake is going through hard times and can barely pay his bills. Chief Anaro, a senatorial aspirant shows up and makes Barrister Akpogake a mouth watering offer to help him seek redress at the election tribunal. Akpogake is   reluctant because he doesn’t like dabbing into political cases but he quickly sees the opportunity offered by the case in paying his debts and his bills. Two days later Chief Anaro is assassinated and Akpogake is constrained to pry into his death. As Akpogake probes deeper it seems as if there’s a remote connection between Uzezi’s murder and Chief Anaro’s assassination. In anger and frustration, Akpogake launches into an offensive that puts him on a collision course with the police and a powerful politician. As the minutes turn to hours, Barrister Akpogake finds himself on the trail of a cold, vindictive killer who is ready to kill and kill yet again.

This comic thriller promises to be worthwhile. Watch out for the movie.





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