...It is imperative for both parties involved in a relationship to be supportive of each other in terms of their respective sexual needs...

The human being is constantly going through a natural process of evolution and recurring change. These evolutionary elements and changes occur in almost every aspect of human existence including sex. Sex is usually a large part of a relationship, and one of the determining factors that either sustain or kill intimacy and bonding. It is imperative for both parties involved in a relationship to be supportive of each other in terms of their respective sexual needs. It is not fair for one partner to deprive the other in this regard for whatever reason.

Strangely enough some men give their women freedom to seek sexual satisfaction outside the relationship for reasons that range from the odd to the selfish. For example, there are some men who decide to work on themselves in a particular area of their sexual life at the expense of their spouses. There are men who just choose to be celibate for reasons that either bother on religion or the need to straighten up a specific aspect of their sex life. And because they do not want to hold their woman back from enjoying herself, they encourage her to seek pleasure outside the relationship to make up for the shortfall.

Other men do not mind their women going all out to sleep with other men who are often wealthy so that they can get some cash and expensive gifts from such a dalliance. Such men see their women as cash cows that are kept around as long as they serve the purpose of using their body to raise funds and other forms of sustenance. They act as pimps and reap rewards from encouraging their women to philander. In reality most of such men do not really love these women. They see them as items of merchandise that are traded for greedy returns.

It is imperative for partners or lovers to define their own relationships from the onset to avoid being used for selfish reasons or encouraged to seek satisfaction outside of the relationship. The decision to allow your mate feel free to get it elsewhere is completely up to the two of you, but such practices create the impression that either one of you or both of you are afraid of committing to the relationship. For a union or relationship to last it takes a certain level of selflessness, understanding, patience, communication, and intimacy to work.

When two people are in a relationship, they are the ones that can decide from the onset to successfully navigate, welcome and appreciate all that comes with being in love. This calls for a classical necessity for each partner to understand the place that their partner occupies in their lives. There must not be room for any of the two partners to feel neglected or taken for granted. To agree that your mate should just go and sleep with someone else seems very dismissive of the bond you two may share, and it’s a very clear sign that the relationship is not worth it.

– Anthony Ogbetere



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